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baby refuses eat 0

Refusal To Eat

Refusal to eat. Not eating is an early indication that your child may be unwell, so observe her carefully. If she looks pale, and seems fretful and more clumsy that usual, check her temperature...

food allergies childrens 0

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance. The inability to digest certain foods fully has to be distinguished from a true food allergy, which is quite different and very rare. Intolerance occurs when the digestive system fails to produce...

baby food allergy 0

Food Allergy

Food allergy. Most cases of suspected food allergy turn out to be no more than intolerance, or the combination of a fussy child and a fussy mother. A true food allergy is quite rare...

overweight boy 0

Overweight Child

Overweight Child. Obesity is one of the most common nutritional problems among children in prosperous Western societies. Most plump children, however, are not medically overweight, and no special action is needed as long as...

sick child alamy 0

When Your Child Is ILL

When your child is ILL. Loss of appetite is often one of the first signs of illness in a child, but this need not be a cause for concern if the illness is brief. Your...

Preschooler nutrition food 0

Preschool Nutrition

Preschool Nutrition. Your preschooler will eat almost the same diet as you, and his dietary needs should be seen in the context of the eating habits of the whole family: you may even have...

nervous preschooler boy 0

Nervous Child

Nervous Child. A child, who goes to nursery school without a backward glance, says good-bye to her mother, and gets straight into play at the sandbox is rather unusual. Most children harbor fears of...

girl eating with mom and his brother 0

Social Eating With Children

Social Eating With Children. For many families, mealtimes are about much more than making sure everyone is fed; they are social occasions when all the members of the family sit down together, exchange news,...

family conflicts at home 0

About Family Conflicts

About family conflicts. Your child will become very distressed if she thinks that the people dearest in the world to her, her mother and father, no longer love each other and that there is...

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